Welcome to The DavrOS Project. DavrOS is a Linux-based operating system distribution created from scratch with roots in Slackware Linux, FreeBSD, and Linux From Scratch, with strong influences from both proprietary and open Unix and Unix-like systems.

DavrOS delivers a minimal core OS, with third-party packages and package-building capability provided via a derivative of pkgsrc. The OS itself is trivially rebuildable in the manner of BSD operating systems.

The goals of this project include sanity, simplicity, and excellent engineering. We are taking some of our favorite lessons from throughout the open Unix/Unix-like OS community and applying these to a Linux system, to create a Linux-based operating system which we’ll love to use in our day-to-day lives, an OS we’ll love to work on, develop with, and serve from.

Read-only access to the DavrOS and pkgs system repositories are available via the following addresses:

Currently DavrOS is not yet production-ready but is under active development, and has now seen three development releases, each marking a significant set of changes from the previous release. We invite you to get involved; visit us on freenode at #davros.